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When their genetic degradation led to a point where their last attempt to halt it brought about a debilitating disease, they chose to put this to the test. While Hermiod admits that humanity would use the knowledge in war, he also concurs with Thor that they would use it in peace to protect the rest of their galaxy. ( SG1 : " Thor's Hammer 1998 Edit Because of SG-1 's actions, Heru'ur was later able to attack the planet Cimmeria, leading many of the Cimmerians to believe that Thor had abandoned them due to the destruction of his Thor's Hammer. The Asgard are clones, and have not been able to reproduce sexually for centuries. Ancients ) rivaled that of the Asgard, allowing him to eventually ignore the treaty altogether and render it unofficially void. The Asgard were not above employing trickery against their enemies, such as bluffing the Goa'uld with the Protected Planets Treaty by appearing to be capable of destroying the Goa'uld while actually lacking the resources to intervene directly due to other problems. Thor simply responded that the Asgard would never have imagined inventing a weapon which propelled small weights of iron and carbon alloys by means of igniting a powder of potassium nitrate, charcoal, and sulfur. When O'Neill asked why the Replicators hadn't simply landed the ship, Thor replied that it was due to the fact that the odds of them surviving in any new environment depended entirely upon their numbers; they were currently eating the ship to form new Replicators. Though his meeting with the Tau'ri was brief, his interest was piqued enough that he shared with the rest of the Asgard just how quickly these Tau'ri were advancing. O'Neill questioned this rule, however, as he did not believe the Goa'uld should be able to limit the Tau'ri's development.

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Thor then informed the Tau'ri that three representatives of the System Lords would arrive on the planet in four days, and that he wished O'Neill to represent the Tau'ri in the discussions. thor src, thor, also known as the, supreme God by the people. He did admit, however, that the Asgard had not foreseen outside influence. More than a year later a splinter group of Asgard, who had broken off to solve their genetic degradation problem using less ethical means, were discovered in the. As well as an interactive program containing the memories and personality of every Asgard within. It was ultimately the efforts of humans that put an end to the chapter of the Replicators permanently when the machines entered the Milky Way to wage war with the Goa'uld. Informing her that it was the most advanced piece of Asgard technology, and indeed was the first Asgard vessel designed solely to fight against the Replicators, he reluctantly added that the ship was not yet ready to do battle, answering Carter's query as to why. Once there, Anubis introduced himself to Thor. Stargate with an important request. Thor replied that all that could be done had been done, but the Asgard had made too many mistakes in their development. As a function of the Protected Planets Treaty, the Asgard set up protective measures and holographic representations of themselves on a number of planets in the Milky Way galaxy for protection against the Goa'uld and other enemies. The patterns were later placed in a new cloned body. Though Thor knew that he could activate his pod, putting him into a deep stasis that would save his life, he refused to allow SG-1 to do so as he wished to remain conscious long enough to help them. Asgard High Council, which monitored activity on protected worlds and formed decisions on actions taken against aggressors. " Freyr src Main article: Asgard High Council The Asgard High Council was the government of the Asgard.

after the death of the Asgard, the Atlantis expedition encountered Fenrir, an Asgard scientist who had been exiled from his people after his test of a new weapon resulted in the destruction of an entire solar system. Gairwyn, thinking this was the real Thor, responded to the hologram but was informed by Carter that it was merely a recording. But, with help from the android recently found by SG-1 ( Menace it looks like the Asgard may have finally turned the tide in the war against the Replicators. Thor then revealed that, should a single Goa'uld ever gain dominance over the System Lords, the Asgard may not be in a position to stop them; effectively, the Asgard were bluffing the Goa'uld. From "The Lost Tribe before retreating to their home planet. " Jack O'Neill src Main article: Protected Planets Treaty On one occasion the Asgard came to help Earth when the Goa'uld decided to attack. Before they could be destroyed by Anubis' Ha'tak, however, three Asgard O'Neill-class ships arrived in the Adara system. After telling them that the Asgard monitored all hyperspace activity in the vicinity of Earth, he informed them that the reason he was visiting was because the Asgard home world had been overrun by Replicators and they once again needed the Tau'ri 's help, along. O'Neill informed Thor that he was unsure, as it was too much for one person to decide the fate of the entire planet, though on the other hand it was obvious; they had to give up their Stargates or be destroyed. O'Neill informed him, however, that this option was unacceptable and so the group tried to leave the planet. He is able to rewrite some minor security subroutines in the computer system, and opens their cell door. As such, Thor invited the System Lords to Earth to start the negotiations. ..

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