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B)  mansion Loup. . A charter dated Nov 1197 records the 4o consanguinity between ". De Agramont " 444. " Navarra vicecomitissa de Seule et maritus eius Augerius de Miremon " donated property to his brother Fortaner de Miramont Bishop of Bayonne by charter dated to 1150/70 437. Seigneur de Lescun 1077, and ancestor of the later seigneurs de Lescun 365. vicomtes de tursan. Gassion his wife had three children: (a) arnaud. This source confuses Guillen with his paternal grandfather, in relation to the marriage with the heiress of Béarn, which would be impossible from a chronological point of view. . M (1115) condor Condorine dEsparros, daughter and heiress of raymond Seigneur dEsparros his wife - (-4 May -). . vicomtes de lavedan 318. Atho Garseanus Senior de Tena et de Jacca cum uxore mea Velasqueta, quæ in Bigorra dicebatur Ricarda, et filiis nostris Asinario, Arnaldo, Ludovico, Vandregisilo, et filia nostra Ricarda, et fratre meo senniore Lupone Garsea confirmed the above charter, by charter dated 427. An indication that she may have married again after her husband died is provided by the charter dated 8 Feb 973 under which Atho Ripa-curiæ comes confirmed a donation by charter dated 8 Feb 973, naming comite Vaifaredo congermano meo in Ripa-curia et in Pallaria. Bernard de Béarn dit lAspes. . M lupa Sánchez, illegitimate daughter of sancharcía King of Navarre his mistress. .

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vicomtes de DAX. M arnaud Garcia de Goth Vicomte de Lomagne et dAuvillars, son of beraud de Goth his wife Ide de Blanquefort (-Jan 1311, bur Auvillars Dominican Church). Asinarius Solensis ac Lupiniacensis vicecomes cum uxore mea vicecomitissa Gerberga, et filiis nostris Asinario et Buchardo et Arnaldo et Faquilina confirmed the above charter by charter dated 20 Jul 862 376. vicomtes de sault 305. bequeathed property to Miramonde sa posthume de Miramonde sa seconde femme 451. . Edward I King of England recorded the marriage contract between sa chere nstance jadis femme. Abbesse of Beyries at Marsan. This is a possibility but it is difficult to see how this conclusion can be drawn definitively on the basis of the limited information in the relevant primary sources. . M (1010) bernard roger de Carcassonne, son of roger I de Comminges Comte de Carcassonne his wife Adelaide de Pons (summer 981-/38). . The dating clause of a charter of Notre-Dame de Muret records the marriage of " Gasto " and " filiam Bernardi comitis Conuenarum in eodem loco Kal Jun " 106. . M (1235) - dAure, daughter of bernard Vicomte dAure his wife. .